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Think Great Planning

Today the work of project platforms and modeling tools support change, innovation and shorten lead times to implementation. The need for smart designs and integrative methods is challenging against older standards and outcomes.

With the focus on efficiency and budgets, technology and teams can produce theoretical reviews to prevent work arounds that lead to applicable solutions. As much as technology is growing by open source systems the same can be said about human capital working within their supply chains and ecosystem to ramp up open design techniques for best-to-better builds.

Innovation is always good within the bounds of operability and safety. Contractors, consultants, and owners can take a step forward to infrastructure and building performance through more integrative methods approach.



Connection to Rural and Urban Food

LANDSDS a sustainable company. Dr. Tyra Oldham, identified the need for a rural and urban connection to access food. The research “Sustainability Infrastructure Connection of

Wishing A Sustainable New Year

I wish everyone a Happy NEW Sustainable Year in all aspects of work, play and life. Let this be the year of sustainable dynamic leadership.

Celebrate Interior Plant Week

Celebrate Interior Plant Week. Bring interior plants into your home.  Allow the beauty of plants to enrich your home. Plants bring beauty and reduce carbon

HBCUs and Sustainability

The HBCU Ecosystem, when provided sustainable solutions and infrastructural development, the aggregated ecosystem can harness and accelerate economic development while attracting students and stakeholders to support its longevity.

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