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Project Management

Project Management

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The overall method is to support the “project” in four (4) steps under Phase I: 1) management and communication; 2) assess and define; 3) implementation; and, 4) evaluate and report.Within this proposal LANDSDS’s focuses on all four (4) steps within Phase I to next step, Phase II, which is the action and development stage. The below “PM” illustration depicts the simplicity of the process used to implement, manage and report within the project.

As Project Manager all aspects of the project are tackled in a systematic, methodical, pragmatic manner. The approach allows for time to make needed modifications. Because LANDSDS focuses in a systemic “sustainable” manner we are equipped to manage unexpected dependencies. Our process makes it easier to identify and address situations. Further, performance and time is quantified and evaluated.

The data produced will be delivered and validated, which is then used in Phase II, development rollout. LANDSDS delivery method is iterative and we operate to:

  • Avoid implanting multiple, different “fixes”
  • Engage in a methodical process which makes quantifying and managing resources and costs easier
  • Mitigate the “iceberg” problem that often dooms “projects” – focusing only on what is visible.

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