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Within our work scope there are coalescing resources to steer a concept to action, anyone can point to specific process controls and procedures and say, “This work or project could have been done x or y.” The problem becomes exactly what areas of focus are going to deliver a return on investment and identify opportunities that will not have an adverse effect on other interdependent systems, resources and actions. In our experience, what looks like a standalone solution can often have “hidden dependencies”. The result is that a change in Process “A” can have an unexpected impact on Process “Z”.

Our approach focuses on defining several areas of importance for the organizations and teams we work with. We assess impact of other solutions not yet identified as potential opportunities through our “multidisciplinary thinking” approach. This approach allows us to provide an array of data points coalesced and delivered to determine right fit to support the scope of work. In the initial analysis through assessment, survey, questions, research, and meetings, informed concepts and opportunities are identified and prioritized for the “work”. Once these areas of opportunities have been identified, then each is prioritized in consultation with the team. We then maintain continuity by scheduling and supporting the timelines determined.

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We assess complex systems and patterns to engineer new methods to produce ideal and sustainable solutions. Our industries include non-profits, manufacturing, technology, construction and education.  More Info

Because LANDSDS approaches project management in a systemic “sustainable” manner, we are equipped to manage unexpected dependencies. Our process makes it easier to identify and address situations. Further, performance and time is quantified and evaluated. More Info

Our innovation in research includes Internet of Things (IoT) and SMART approaches to accompany sustainability. Since 2009, our partnerships in innovation have led to technology and case studies that impact organizations, communities and ecosystems. More Info

LANDSDS delivers construction and contracting services; specifically infrastructural and IoT services. As SMART cities and communities advance there is a need for contractors and construction management companies who have a pulse on systems, research and planning to support institutions and developers. More Info

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