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Connection to Rural and Urban Food

LANDSDS a sustainable company. Dr. Tyra Oldham, identified the need for a rural and urban connection to access food. The research “Sustainability Infrastructure Connection of Rural to Urban” was presented to the KENTUCKY INNOVATION & ENTREPRENEURSHIP CONFERENCE (KIEC) in 2013.  The need is more important today!

The need for food to be sustainable is qualified within fifty miles. The important step is to connect the need for food to the grower and the grower to the buyer. This sounds simple but the need exists for fresh foods to enter urban markets where food desserts exist.

The study revealed, “the lack of connectivity between rural cites and urban centers. This disconnect produces an instability in healthy foods and lifestyle choices.”  There is a larger disconnect for states that are in economic crisis.  The road to healthy living is access to healthy affordable foods.  The difference between weight, blood pressure and cholesterol is one part healthy food and the other exercise.

Those cities who have energized their green space and food access are thinking and producing more in energy adoption, technological growth and global competitiveness. The correlation is thinking and intervention for better prevention, states Oldham.

The attention to income and education is very much apart of the food drive for healthiness. Food desserts for many is prevalent. This looks and is organized as can foods and highly sugared sources.  The paper produced, concluded that cities that can effectively identify their ecosystems no matter the tax base, income level or education can formulate a plan to solve the farmers need to sell and the buyers need to eat healthy. The advantages to for cities is reduction in health costs and increase in productivity.



Wishing A Sustainable New Year

I wish everyone a Happy NEW Sustainable Year in all aspects of work, play and life. Let this be the year of sustainable dynamic leadership.

Celebrate Interior Plant Week

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HBCUs and Sustainability

The HBCU Ecosystem, when provided sustainable solutions and infrastructural development, the aggregated ecosystem can harness and accelerate economic development while attracting students and stakeholders to support its longevity.

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