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HBCUs and Sustainability

Each Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) has a specific environment within the confines of its dynamic ecosystem. Each institution has its specific mission and vision. Yet, as an aggregate, HBCUs represent a specific segment of education with a long history of significantly delivering education to people of color for Black people globally.  Consider each institution’s culture, yet in aggregate, they represent the Historical Black Colleges Ecosystem. When provided sustainable solutions and infrastructural development, this aggregated ecosystem can harness and accelerate economic development while attracting students and stakeholders to support its longevity.

Sustainability planning and solutions are a great fit for HBCU’s because historical organizations planning for the future is a natural leap forward. A sustainability plan and infrastructural planning to acquire its surrounding land offer each campus new pathways for growth. In planning sustainably, HBCU’s can build an interactive ecosystem with their administration, students, stakeholders, and partnerships.

HBCU’s are a powerful force in education. Sustainability and infrastructural intelligence is a vital step to change.



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