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Consulting, Contracting, Research & Project Management for Sustainability & Capacity Building

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We’re a Sustainable Development, Consulting and Contracting Company committed to providing sustainable development solutions to our clients.  We engage on a national and global scale in consulting, project management and contracting solutions. We support our client’s sustainable efforts to enhance infrastructure, research, organizational development, supplier efforts, supply chain integration, planning, and systems engineering. 

We have an established and proven methodology that delivers pragmatic solutions for enhancing the sustainability of environmentally and financially sound business processes. Our methods are multidisciplinary.

Our background sets us apart.

Our background in manufacturing, construction, material management, lean and engineering makes us unique. A common theme in our approach is to integrate environment, energy and technology to produce continuous improvement. Watchwords for our work include lean, pragmatic, sustainable and client centric. LANDSDS understands that a fresh approach is required to formulate, test, adjust, and implement actions that are sustainable.

Founded in 2008.

LANDSDS delivered green, sustainable engineering and solutions. As of 2020 we’ve partnered in technology and research to author papers, content and assessments to support the development of sustainability and material management. LANDSDS continues to work effectively in the areas infrastructure, systems and operations to drive efficiency, resource optimization, green, IOT and solutions.

Proud to be diverse.

We are a certified MBE and WBE company, as well as EDGE Certified within the State of Ohio. LANDSDS is a minority, woman-owned business. LANDSDS has been recognized for green, sustainable efforts and diversity.

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