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We assess complex systems and patterns to engineer new methods to produce ideal and sustainable solutions. Our industries include, non-profits, manufacturing, technology, construction and education

project management

Because LANDSDS approaches project management in a systemic “sustainable” manner, we are equipped to manage unexpected dependencies. Our process makes it easier to identify and address situations. Further, performance and time is quantified and evaluated.


Our innovation in research includes Internet of Things (IOT) and SMART approaches to accompany sustainability. Since 2009, our partnerships in innovation have led to technology and case studies that impact organizations, communities and ecosystems.

construction & contracting

LANDSDS delivers construction and contracting services specifically infrastructural and IOT services. As SMART cities and communities advance there is a need for contractors and construction management companies who have a pulse on systems, research and planning to support institutions and developers

we are leaders in diversity

LANDSDS is proudly MBE, WBE, and EDGE certified.

news & articles

Earth is ours to celebrate

Today, is earth day. The importance of our earth is the land upon we live. Our big ball is the only planet we have at this time. I respect our earth and all of its inhabitants.

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Honoring Women Everyday

LANDSDS celebrates women and work. Women are important to the development of sustainability and construction. The ideas and innovation of women in work creates positive change. LANDSDS celebrates and honors women everyday. #WomenWorkEquity

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Climate Change Is a Detriment to U.S.

“It is in progressive conversation to determine that climate change has placed a profound risk to the nation and the world,” stated on February 25, 2013.  Climate Change is just as important then as now. It

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Connection to Rural and Urban Food

LANDSDS a sustainable company. Dr. Tyra Oldham, identified the need for a rural and urban connection to access food. The research “Sustainability Infrastructure Connection of Rural to Urban” was presented to the KENTUCKY INNOVATION & ENTREPRENEURSHIP

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