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Sustainability and Technology

The age of technology is changing our social structure and how we engage with things. It is important for sustainability in technology. The arch of science requires critical analysis of data but also resources, land usage, human capital and management of people, places and things.

Sustainability is relevant for technology companies. Technology companies are indeed driven by sustainability as the torrent of data, systems, energy and innovation push out and into these organizations. Consider, Google, Yahoo and more who have formed alliances to determine how to gain energy, solutions and requirements to service their systems for tomorrow. These companies are tooling to build smart grid solutions that indeed will aid other surrounding organizations producing sustainable solutions.

Consider, the impact of governmental change, economies and the need for LEAN resources to manage operability. Sustainability is the tool and lens to change thinking, programs and processes to shape the organizations and institutions in structuring effective decisions and outcomes.

Sustainability is the tool to manage a new and developing dynamic work place where more and innovation is demanded daily to meet goals. The relevance for technologist is how to capture sustainable outcomes while managing innovation. Artificial Intelligence (AI) as the hallmark of intelligences will need the understanding of sustainability. AI without an appreciation for sustainability will not have the means to determine relevance to the overall system. Sustainability is key!



Connection to Rural and Urban Food

LANDSDS a sustainable company. Dr. Tyra Oldham, identified the need for a rural and urban connection to access food. The research “Sustainability Infrastructure Connection of

Wishing A Sustainable New Year

I wish everyone a Happy NEW Sustainable Year in all aspects of work, play and life. Let this be the year of sustainable dynamic leadership.

Celebrate Interior Plant Week

Celebrate Interior Plant Week. Bring interior plants into your home.  Allow the beauty of plants to enrich your home. Plants bring beauty and reduce carbon

HBCUs and Sustainability

The HBCU Ecosystem, when provided sustainable solutions and infrastructural development, the aggregated ecosystem can harness and accelerate economic development while attracting students and stakeholders to support its longevity.

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