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Planning in Sustainability New Focus Approach

Who does sustainability target? Why, how and who is a part of the plan? What are the cost and risks of the plan? are vital questions to all planning yet sustainability has to extend its reach to do more considering the approach is to work for today and tomorrow.

One can ask if sustainability is driven by data, people, needs, or economics? The answer is interesting when we consider how and where sustainability solutions are being delivered.

Sustainability’s power for change is evident but is it effectively serving people, places, and things? The data dependence model in sustainability recognizes sustainable communities typically in higher tax brackets. This is not to say that programs and projects are not delivered in developing neighborhoods. The work is to build ecocentric solutions that promote and drive sustainable outcomes beyond borders.

What does this say about disaffected communities? The borders in cities must be crossed for sustainable approaches to planning and development.

Consider approached to design that optimizes sustainability and its resources across communities for safe, healthy, green, and liveable neighborhoods.

Facts reveal that vibrant green communities are safer with less crime. It is amazing that more green spaces are not developed. There is a need to deliver interconnectivity between:

  • Planning
  • Strategy
  • Design
  • Economics
  • Energy
  • Resources
  • Supply Chain
  • Ecosystems

The capacity to change the concept and role of sustainability for today and tomorrow is driven by sustainable thinkers that see the nexus between the role of people, place, and things as the solution to socio-economic development.



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