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The Importance of the Sustainability Nexuses

The work of a sustainable voice is critical today. Many voice the need for sustainability yet, the language has not become common speak to cut across economics and education. The need for a sustainable voice is relevant and required to increase a dialogue for changing how to live, work and play.

The work of the a Sustainable Voice is to provide an inclusive voice across industries, communities and economies to engage in sustainability work, news and ideas across sectors, platforms, groups, disciplines and technologies. The ability to have voice in the process is important. When one has voice in the process they immediately become a stakeholder. Once a stakeholder a possible advocate for change.  This voice is the same at the ballot box.  Today, so many disregard the vote because they believe it doe not relate or have value to their lives. The work of sustainability professionals is to deliver a platform to give voice to the masses for sustainable change. The question is how can we think of fifty years from mow when people are struggling today. Where is the relevance for them?

The answer is clear. Sustainability is a zero sum game which includes the many and not the few if the sustainability is to be actualized. I propose there is a sustainable nexus in which SUSTAINABILITY impacts the vast and varied systems across the world.

This thinking is my brain child and important in the role as a sustainability professional. The sustainable nexus assists in connecting the dots to reveal the intersections and close gaps during the planning and assessment of one’s sustainable efforts or programs. This nexus came out of a multidisciplinary approach to problem solving. The ability to look deeper and across areas or disciplines opens up more opportunities to capture information.

All work within divisions and areas weigh or discern information differently. My favorite example is the term “quality”. Quality means different things to people and departments. The work is to coalesce the terms for a unified meaning so that proper assessment can be achieved. Moreover, sustainability means different things to people and departments.  Inner offices may find sustainability is the use of green spaces and the reduction of paper to paperless. Inventory can define sustainability as Just In Time (JIT) and recycling of waste. The executive level may conceive sustainability through its effective supply chains to have an efficient ecosystem.  All are on the mark. The goal is to bridge these areas within the sustainable nexus in order to integrate dialogue and data points to form a web of information under one unique space.

We hope you become an advocate and a Sustainable Voice to understand the nexuses within in your organization or community.



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