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Reflection on Infrastructure: Lead To Sustainable Economy

One topic of conversation is always the economy. The economy gains a boost from infrastructure, wars and interests rates. The stability of commerce, trade and jobs is vital to a healthy economy.  In 2012, the article from the ExaminerShaky economy: Fed disappoints” looks at the need for a sustainable economy. Today, our economy needs a healthy boost of infrastructure. The role of planning is to connect the dots and envision a strong infrastructure that promotes work, jobs, sustainability and technological supports.

The article highlights,

“You don’t hear anyone on Wall Street talking about changing the capitalist economic model do you? Of course not. In fact, any thought of “changing” things stirs up risk and the wealthy panic. How should America’s leadership address the need to develop a sustainable economy?”

“The way that the Federal Reserve stimulates the economy is by selling government securities and increasing the discount rate. Summary (based on the Washington Post):

  • The Fed won’t take any additional steps at the moment to boost the economy.
  • No quantitative easing.
  • No bold new statements.
  • No trying to reduce mortgage rates further.
  • Maintain a highly accommodative stance for monetary policy.
  • Keep the target range for the federal funds rate at 0 to 1/4 percent…”

My response then was. “The problem that exists is to produce a sustainable economy there must be sustainable metrics that guide companies and cities to consider sustainability.”  Can our leaders see beyond the short term needs to embrace long term outcomes. I also stated, “A sustainable economy is not built upon a winner take all or driven by the highest profits that are based on revenue projections derived from asset sells, job cuts and acquisitions. A sustainable economy is driven by companies and cities developing sustainability infrastructures, and plans that promote and produce continuous sustainable outcomes.”

  • :First, it will be necessary to think and operate sustainably.
  • Second, manage and produce sustainably.
  • Third, operate a higher capacity considering the next twenty, thirty and fifty years of operation considering environment, energy, ecosystem, emissions, resources, capital, efficiencies and production.
  • Fourth, companies and cities have to determine a new reality of return-on-investment.”

It is the role of nations to look how to develop SMART and responsive economies that engage global development while meeting the needs of society such as, health, education, jobs and housing. As a sustainable company, LANDSDS strives to promote, develop and assist organizations on the road to sustainability. The road is not easy but the path taken delivers on ROI to meet the changing economy and the new economic realities.



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