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New Report on Business and Power of Sustainability

Delivering a report to assist businesses no matter their size on the importance of sustainability. Good must-read discussing leadership, data and why organize under sustainability. LANDSDS is a true believer in sustainable applications for optimizing people, places, and things.

Sustainability is a critical need for any company, no matter the size. Sustainability is the triple bottom line return; more so, the shift to “thinking sustainably” contributes to what I call the Five E’s (Economics, Energy, Environment, Emissions, and Efficiency). The trick is using sustainability to reveal the capacity to adapt changes to sustainable outcomes. Sustainability applications do not deliver optimal solutions when using old technologies or ways of thinking. The company must agree on all levels, including acclimating the supply chain, to adopt continuous improvements with metrics and validation to support a sustainable ecosystem. The initial step requires, first the thinking requires a Kaizen approach – continuous improvement. Two, adoption of expansive thinking versus autonomous.

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Connection to Rural and Urban Food

LANDSDS a sustainable company. Dr. Tyra Oldham, identified the need for a rural and urban connection to access food. The research “Sustainability Infrastructure Connection of

Wishing A Sustainable New Year

I wish everyone a Happy NEW Sustainable Year in all aspects of work, play and life. Let this be the year of sustainable dynamic leadership.

Celebrate Interior Plant Week

Celebrate Interior Plant Week. Bring interior plants into your home.  Allow the beauty of plants to enrich your home. Plants bring beauty and reduce carbon

HBCUs and Sustainability

The HBCU Ecosystem, when provided sustainable solutions and infrastructural development, the aggregated ecosystem can harness and accelerate economic development while attracting students and stakeholders to support its longevity.

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